Irganox 3114 datasheet

Irganox datasheet

Irganox 3114 datasheet

> irganox 3114 suitable for PP polystyrene, polyurethane, PVC, nylon , ABS, datasheet PE especially effective for polyolefin. Melting point℃ ( 99products). In order irganox to be irganox able to use WorldAccount you need to register with BASF. Dear customer You will find further information regarding products application in our BASF- portal WorldAccount. It has synergistic effect with UV adsorbent or phosphite ester to improve the stability. The preferred antioxidants are selected from the group consisting of phosphites hindered phenols, hindered amine stabilizers hydroxylamines. Irganox® 3114 has low volatility datasheet and high resistance to extraction.

Irganox® 1010 datasheet can be used in combination with other additives such as co- stabilizers ( thioethers , phosphites, phosphonites), light stabilizers other functional stabilizers. Characterization Irganox 1098 a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant, , elastomers, adhesives, , synthetic fibers, non- discoloring stabilizer for organic substrates such as plastics, is an efficient is particularly effective in polyamide. Plaox- 3114 is one kind of multi- functional antioxidant, with multiple functional groups. Characterization Irganox 1010 irganox – a sterically hindered phenolic irganox antioxidant – is a highly effec- tive irganox non discoloring stabilizer for organic substrates such as plastics, syn- thetic datasheet fibers, waxes, adhesives, elastomers, oils datasheet fats. datasheet It has good compatibility with most substrates,.

Cyanox 1790 datasheet Ronotec 201 AAMileOx 445, Nonflex DCD BFHP- 136 HAFiberstab, Irganox 3114, Naugard 445, Lowinox 1790 PAOADK STAB AO- 20, datasheet Dusantox 86, Alvinox FB, Cyanox 1741, ANOX IC- 14 Vitamin EIrganox E201, FS- datasheet 042, Irganox 3790, Dovernox 3114 Irgastab FS042 P- 1. Irganox® 3114 P– irganox 223 n Non- discoloring phenolic AO; datasheet high extraction resistance Irganox® 5057 datasheet L NA l Liquid aromatic amine for processing LTTS Irganox® 565 P, DD 589 91 – 96 n Multifunctional phenolic AO for synthetic rubbers , TPE Irganox® B 1171 P FF NA n Synergistic phenol/ phosphite blend for PA. Fragen Sie nach einem Angebot! Plaox- 3114 is used in ABS resin PVC, PU, PE, PS, cellulose plastic , polyester, Nylon rubber. Antioxidant 3114 is a white crystalline powder. Soluble in acetone ethanol, chloroform, DMF, irganox methanol, benzene slightly soluble in water. Also used as a radical scavenger providing stabilization for polyolefins. > When used with UV absorbent phosphite ester, a synergistic effect can be reached, thus enhancing the thermo- stability light stability. An example for a suitable antioxidant irganox additivation is a blend of Irgafos 168 and Irganox 3114.

It is of low toxicity and irganox can be used in food packing. Structure links for: IRGANOX 3114, properties, suppliers , spectra . Irganox® 3114 FF is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant. It protects these substrates against thermo- oxidative degradation and contributes to their light stability. Irganox 3114 datasheet. Irganox® 3114 is a sterically hindered phenolic irganox antioxidant. IRGANOX 3114 offer offer.

BTC Europe vertreibt Spezialchemikalien wie IRGANOX Produkte. Chemical Description: Anti- oxidant. This product is a highly effective non- discoloring sterically hindered primary phenolic antioxidant stabilizer that protects organic substrates against thermo. Irganox® 3114 by BASF is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant for processing and long- term thermal stabilization. Structure links for: DC3750000, properties, suppliers , spectra . It is odorless and stable to light. Antioxidant 3114 Irganox 3114, Songnox 3114, AO 3114 Ethanox 314.

Datasheet irganox

SONGNOX® 311B A 1: 1 blend of SONGNOX 1680 and SONGNOX 3114 SONGNOX® 321B A blend of 66. 3% SONGNOX 3114 SONGNOX® 417B A blend of 80. 0% SONGNOX 1076 THIOESTERS SONGNOX® DLTDP Dilauryl thiodipropionate SONGNOX® DSTDP Distearyl thiodipropionate SONGNOX® DTDTP Ditridecyl thiodipropionate. While Irganox 1330, Irganox 3114 and Cyanox 1790 showed a similar degradation mechanism with highly colored decomposition products, no corresponding oxidized species could be found for other. Irganox® 3114 FF.

irganox 3114 datasheet

Irganox® 3114 FF by BASF is a sterically hindered phenolic antioxidant for processing and long- term thermal stabilization. It contains 1, 3, 5- tris( 3, 5- di- tert- butyl- 4- hydroxybenzyl) - 1, 3, 5- triazine- 2, 4, 6( 1H, 3H, 5H) - trione. It is a highly effective, non- discoloring stabilizer.